Da Kine's Kava

Our Story

Brent and I settled in my hometown of Durham, NC and started our kava business in late 2018… but our love for kava began many years before. Brent was first introduced to kava while living in the Waianae mountains of Oahu, where he trained martial arts under the kingdom of Hawaii. He was taught to use kava as a muscle relaxant after tough workouts, and as an aid for relaxation and sleep.

Years later Brent introduced me to kava on one of our first dates, when he took me to a kava bar in Wilmington, NC. I loved having the option to drink something other than alcohol, and I loved how the kava made me feel calm and relaxed... but I wasn’t so excited about the earthy taste. Although plenty of people love plain kava, together we realized that kava could reach even more people if there was a wider array of delicious flavors to choose from. Hence, Da Kine’s was born!

We came up with our first recipes in my parents’ kitchen, and started selling our bottled kava supplements at any local markets that would take us. We were forced to make some tough changes when the Coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, but through it all we were given a fantastic opportunity to take over a local coffee shop near downtown Durham. We opened our kava bar in July of 2020, and have slowly been making our way ever since! We couldn’t have done it without the love and support of our friends, family, and the Durham community, which just goes to show what kava is really all about.

We’re happy to now offer a wider selection of drinks and natural alternatives, including traditional kava, herbal teas, coffee, and of course our specialty flavored kava drinks. Our wide variety of options are meant to provide something for everyone, so we can bring people together from all walks of life. Whether you have never tried kava or you are a veteran “grog” drinker, we can’t wait to welcome you into the kava community.

With Aloha,

                             Zoey Best
                           Da Kine's Kava