Da Kine's Kava is Durham's premiere source of kava and other non-alcoholic drink options. Whether you're an experienced kava-drinker or looking to experiment with a new alternative, we have something for you.

But Wait... What Is Kava, Anyway?

Kava is a tropical plant that grows in the South Pacific, and it's also what we call the drink we make from the plant's roots. Kava roots contain compounds that are thought to provide natural stress-relief, reduce anxiety, and promote physical and mental relaxation. Da Kine’s was born from our goal to make kava more accessible and enjoyable, so that more people would be able to experience its benefits. We're here to share our knowledge about different herbal alternatives and their effects, and to provide our community with a fun, alcohol-free social environment.

About Us

Zoey Best & Brent Waffle


Brent actually introduced me to kava on one of our first dates! He took me to a local kava bar to hang out after work, and I was excited to have the option to drink something other than alcohol. I loved how the kava made me feel calm and relaxed... but I wasn’t so excited about the earthy taste. Although plenty of people love plain kava, together we realized that kava could reach even more people if there was a wider array of delicious flavors to choose from. Hence, Da Kine’s was born!

We came up with our first recipes in my parents’ kitchen, and from there we built our business from the ground up. We couldn’t have done it without the love and support of our friends and family, which just goes to show what kava is really all about. Our menu was purposefully designed with a wide variety of offerings to bring people together from all walks of life. Whether you have never tried kava or you are a veteran “grog” drinker, we can’t wait to see you at the bar and to welcome you into the kava community. Much Mahalo,



Our full menu is available at our location in the West End neighborhood of Durham. We are currently offering socially-distanced indoor and outdoor seating, as well as takeout with the option for curbside pickup.

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1114-B W. Chapel Hill Street Durham NC 27701

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